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IHRA Chief

 Rajendra Yete


I, the Chief of IHRA, welcome you all to this elegant site of International Human Rights Administration.

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About Us

IHRA Overview

International Human Rights Administration is a body who is trying to provide its clients with valuable, convenient, relevant reliefs for the violation of their human rights.

Social Responsibility

International Human Rights Administration is proud to announce its global social responsibility to fight against the cases relating to the violation of Human Rights of the people around the world.


An informational section of our website that gathers a great heritage of all the information about the different types of human rights and the Laws relating to them that have been launched during recent time.

People love us!

International Human Rights Administration is proud to share with you the testimonials of our clients. These are not redacted and formatted recommendations but simple words of gratitude that we receive day by day! We have deliberately removed people contact information to preserve our customers from spamming.

Contact Us

Keeping in touch with our clients is very important for us. We attach great importance to your comments and suggestions and encourage you to share your ideas and improvements with us. Please follow this link “Contact Us” to be in touch.

Members List.

Sr.No. Name Designation
1 Mr.Dadaji Arjun Shende         Dist. President  of Chandrapur    
2 Mr.Sanjay BaliRam Dhakate     Vidhrbha PRA              
3 Mr.Viibhas Nylewar National Legal Advisor
4 Mr.Prafull Digambar Bijwe   Dist. President of Gadchiroli         
5 Mr.Madhukar Kotpalliwar      Maharastra Advisor     
6 Mr.Nilim Moti Ram Kamdee      Active Member 
7 Mr.Nandkishor  Gathe Gadchiroli PRA
8 Mr.Deepak Hanwate  Aurangabad Spokesperson
9 Miss.Amruta Yeole  Active Member 
10 Miss.Ashwini Kale  Active Member 
11 Miss.Namita Deshmukh Active Member 
12 Mr.Ketan Solanki President of DadraNagar Haveli
13 Mr.Sandip Shukla  Vidhrba P.R.O.
14 Mr.Vivekanand Wankhade Active Member 
15 Mr. Milind Gadkari Foundation Administrator
16 Mr. Prashant Sawant  Pre. of Mah. Journalism Rights Fou.
17 Mr. Anil Charatkar  Active Member 
18 Mr.Nakul Wagh  Active Member 
20 Mr.Yuwraj Pawar  Active Member 
21 Mr.Mangesh Sonawane  Active Member 
22 Mr.Netaji Kalandre  Active Member 
23 Mr.Tanaji Turambekar  Active Member 
24 Mr.Raveendran Veettil  Active Member 
25 Mrs.Priti Takkar  Active Member 
26 Mr. Gaurav Gore Secretary of Consumer Rights Mumbai Div.
27 Mr.Prakaschandrao Patel  Vice President of Valsad Dist.
28 Mr. Samirkumar Patel Seceretary of Valsad 
29 Mr. Moreshwar Kashikar  Int .Publication Administrator
29 Mr. Moreshwar Kashikar  Int .Publication Administrator
31 Mr. Balakrishnan Chetty  Active Member 
32 Mr.Jagdish Khiloshiya  Active Member
33 Mr.Abdul Muhammed Shaikh  President Of Bhivandi
34 Mr. Ayaz Mohsin  Spokesman of Khandesh(M.H.)
35 Mr.K.V.Kishore Reddy  Dist. Presi. Of Kurnool
36 Mr.Vishnu Reddy Working Presi. Of Andhra Pradesh 
37 Mr.Mohan Reddy  Dist. Presi. Of Karim Nagar 
38 Mr.Vijay Rane  Presi. Of Parel Taluka 
39 Mr.Jitendra Sharma  Active Member 
40 Mr.Nilesh Chauhan  Mumbai Legal Advisor 
41 Mr.Ujwal Gandhi  Active Member 
42 Mr.Bharat Jagtap Active Member 
43 Mr.Rajesh Bhatia  Active Member 
44 Mr. Sanjay Satve Active Member 
45 Mr.Amol Khode  Presi. Vidhrbha  Journalist Foundation  
46 Mr.Nitesh Lodlliwar  Legal Advisor of Gadchiroli Dist. 
47 Pramod  Palshikar  Secretary of Gadchiroli Dist. 
48 Mr.Satyawan  Khobragade  P.R.A. of Chandrapur 
49 Mr.Mangesh Kohale Active Member 
50 Mrs.Nadini Kohale Active Member 
55 Mr. Gautam Deshpande  Active Member 
56 Mr.Anil Ambhore  Vidarbh Information Admin.
57 Mr. Ravin Ambadkar Found. Develop. Admin.Vidhrbha 
58 Mr.Sanil Agrawal  Amravati City Presi.
59 Mr.Dhananjay Bhagwat Active Member 
60 Mr.Rajendra Chaudhary  Presi. Of Labor Dispute Prev.Foun. Buldhana Dist.
61 Mr.Vijay Tule Active Member
62 Mr.Jagannath Gawande Pre. Of Gove./Non Gove.Employees Rights Foun.Amravati Dist.
63 Mr.Bharatbhushan Ramteke Amravati City Presi. Of Crime Prevention Foun.
64 Mr.Sameer Jawanjal Amravati City Presi.of Social Justice Foun.
65 Mr.Ashish Shingore Pre. Of Journalist Foun. Of Nagpur City
67 Mr.Amol Nichat  Public Relation Admin.Of Amravati Dist.
68 Mr.Anil Mahajan Vice President of West India 
69 Mr.Jallal Shah Chandur Bazar Taluka P.R.O.
70 Mr.Abdul Riyaz Saudagar Active Membar
71 Mr.Mohmmad Ayaz Saudagar  Active Member 
72 Mr.Mohmmad Sabir Active Member
73 Mr.Mustak Shaikh  Active Member 
74 Mr.Ahmad Khan Active Member
75 Mr.Dayakar Reddy Hyderabad Twin Cities Presi.
76 Sonali Pawar  Active Member 
77 Mr.Dhanraj Bul  P.R.A. of Gov./Non Gov. Employee Rights Fou.of Mah.
78 Mr.Hemant Vairale  Dist. Prsi. Of Social Justice Foun. 
79 Mr.Amol Akhare  
80 Mr.Ramesh Warhade  Dist.Presi.Of Education Foun.
81 Prachi Kshirsagar  Active Member 
82 Mr.Ashwin Sathe  Office Sec. of Vidhrbha Region off.
83 Mr.Praful Jamthe  Legal Advisory Board of Amt.City
84 Mr.Nilesh Tadas  Active Member 
85 Mr.Salman Pathan  Active Member 
86 Mr.Razik Shaikh Abdul Active Member
87 Mr.Abdul Taneez Abdul Active Member 
88 Mr.Zahid Ullah Khan Active Member
89 Mr.Irshad Mohammad  Active Member
90 Mr.Ragik Saudagar Active Member 
91 Mr.Dinesh Jayapure  Active Member 
92 Mr.Sandip Joshi Maha. State Legal Advisor 
93 Mr.Ashfaque Husain Mohd. Active Member 
94 Mr.Varis Khan  Avtive Member 
95 Mr.Irfan Mohmmed  Active Member 
96 Mr.Bhupendersingh Kamthekar  Vice Presi. Of Public Interest Letigation Foun.Marathwada Region 
97 Mr.Deelip Kandkurte Prsi.of  Public Interest Letigation Foun.Marathwada Region
98 Mr.Hussain Makrani Vice Presi.of Journalist Foun. Of Maha.Div.1
99 Meghali kalyankar  Active Member
100 Mr.Abhinav Ambalkar P.R.A.Of Education Foun. Amravati City
101 Pallavi Umale  Active Member 
102 Mr.Jagdish Pattalwar Legal Advisor  Board of Amravati Dist.
103 Mr.Rajesh Pattalwar  Legal Advisor  Board of Amravati City
104 Mangla Gawande Legal Advisor  Board of Amravati City
105 Monika Kalyankar  Active Member
106 Mr.Suresh Awate  Presi. Of Medical Foun. Maharshtra State
107 Mr.Ramashcharya Singh  Active Member
108 Mr.Shalik Patil  Active Member 
109 Lata Nikam  Active Member
110 Mr.Waseem Shaikh  Legal Advisor Mumbai
111 Mr.Anilrao Deshmukh  Active Member 
112 Mr.Ketan Jadhav  Legal Advisor Mumbai
113 Neeta Gaikwad National P.R.A.
114 Mr.Vasant Morey Presi.Of Maha.Land Dispute Prev. Found.
115 Aarti Bhatia  Active Member
116 Victoria Chattiar Active Member
117 Archna Bhatiya Active Member
118 Mr.Yesuraj Chattiar Active Member
119 Mr.Mukund Bhatiya Active Member
120 Dipti Bhatia Active Member
121 Mr.Bhavesh Bhatia Active Member
122 Shradha Gandhi Active Member
123 Sahila Gandhi Active Member
124 Mr.Purushottam Dabhade Active Member
125 Mr.Satish Sambhare Active Member
126 Mr.Prashant Ladole  Active Member
127 Mr.Sanjay Band Active Member
128 Mr.Vaibhav Akotkar Active Member
129 Mr.Sharad Ghayar Active Member 
130 Mr.Snehal Tarkarkhede Active Member
131 Mr.Fulchand Kharone  Active Member
132 Mr.Ashish Umak  Active Member
133 Mr.Pravin Yawale Active Member
134 Mr.Vivek Lande  Active Member 
135 Mr.Praful Khanjone  Active Member
136 Mr.Dilsher Shoeb Shaikh Sec.of Mah. Div.1 of Journalist Foun.
137 Mr.Arun Shimpi Active Member
138 Samrudhi Kachwe  Promoted Speaker Of IHRA
139 Sarika Kothari  P.R.A. of Panvel City
140 Priya Ajmire Active Member
141 Mr.Rajesh Ajmire Active Member
142 Mr.Firoz Khan  Active Member 
143 Mr.Tauheed Khan  Active Member
144 Mr.Sajid Ansari Active Member
145 Mr.Abid Shaikh  Active Member 
146 Mr. Anis Mirza Active Member
147 Mr. Kamal Ansari Active Member
148 Mr.Mehboob Khan Active Member
149 Mr.Vikas Patel  Active Member
150 Mr.Shakur Shaikh  Active Member 
151 Mr. Ibrahim Shaikh  Active Member
152 Mr. Naim Shaikh  Active Member
153 Mr.Prafullkumar Tathed Active Member
154 Mr. Nasir Baig Mirza Active Member
155 Fatima Irani  Active Member
156 Mr.Salimuddin Shaikh Active Member
157 Dr.Jakir Shaikh Active Member
158 Mr.Prashant Jadhav Active Member
159 Mariyam Jafar Hussain  Active Member 
160 Mr.Abdul Gaffar Shaikh Active Member
161 Mr. Zainuddin Shaikh  Active Member
162 Mr. Shebaz Saiyed Active Member
163 Mr.Ravindra Surywanshi President of Maha.Div.1
164 Mr.Manojkumar Jadhav  Presi. Of Raig. Dist.
165 Mr.Mohd. Zakir Saudagar Chandur Bazar City P.R.O.
166 Mr.Ahmad Aqueel  Active Member
167 Mr. A.Razzaque Saudagar Active Member
168 Mr. Ahmed Wasim  Active Member 
169 Mr. Rahul Nawande  Presi. Of Youth Found. Maharashtra 
170 Mr.Vasant Morey Presi. Of Western India Zone
171 Mr. Piyush Thakkar  Legal Advisor Mumbai
172 Bhavna Ambudkar Education Found. Advisor
173 Anuradha Badgujar Active Member
174 Sonali Wasewal Active Member
175 Mr. Ravindra Wagh  Legal Advisor Of Maharastra 
176 Mr. Naveen Vishwakarma Legal Advisor Of Mumbai
177 Yogita Dere  Sec. Of Woman Found. Mumbai
178 Mr.Ravindra Palande Pre. of Soc.Injustice Fou. Div. 1
179 Mr.Chndrakant Waikar  P. R.A. of Mah.Div.n1
180 Mr.Kedar Suryavanshi  Office Adminisrator Of Mah. Div. 1
181 Mr.Santosh Shirgaonkar Office Seceretary of Mumbai
182 Mr.Ashok Pokle Pre. of Mum. Judicary/Cri. & Ill. Fou. 
183 Mrs.Pankaja kumar Pre.Of Mah. Divi.1 women/Child Fou.
184 Mrs.Mayura Tari Pre. Of Mum.Women /Child Foundation 
185 Jyoti Dandekar  Active Member 
186 Mr. Manojkumar Das Presi. Of  Judi. Crime & Illi. Foun.New Mumbai.