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Child Labour Problem Who Will Solve

Child age in human life keeps important role to mold for entier life . The struggle, Problems, Society , Culture , Education , living and food shapes child for future.

AS need of today we have skip our role towards child to understand nature by child way. our need is growth, money
Sport ground are for name only. Role of society is future earning machine.

And child knows if money is there i can do something good or bad

The second factor is poverty, Poor condition of leaving, health, food, education, and other things brings child to work to keep hope of for future. Without any oppose child is ready to adapot system in which child works.

Family force make child work for bbread and butter.

The person who takes work from child have only one image labbour. Low cost labour . The person controlling child is least care for child health , food, education, comfort, needs and so on.

A small age work force is available to human as child labour

Are childrens should define as labour ?

No is answer from all

But then why child labour?

Let child understand nature and let child grow with happiness.

My request to All Government and NGO's dont make defination , schemes , shows
come out with final solution to stop child labour.
Say no to child labbour where ever you find
Help child to help you

With regards
Amit Deshmukh


August 25, 2011

Share Knowledge

Knowledge expands if it is shared. share what you know with other so other can also share it leads to true path of life. What is correct and what is wrong can be identified. Always good things are accepted so why not share Each one teach one it is not teaching only it is share of what one knows to other. it is fast media to help each other so dear human share Thanks with regards Amit Deshmukh 91 9730757559 India

August 24, 2011